Hi, I’m Matt Trenary. As a former player and coach as well as current fan of rugby, I’m curious about the tactical areas of the sport. This site uses statistical analysis to investigate less understood aspects of rugby. I will often draw from analysis strategies that are used in other sports, mostly American, as well as rugby fifteens.

I’ve chosen to focus on sevens instead of fifteens for a few reasons. 1. It’s more fun for me to watch. 2. I can record more games in less time. 3. Sevens events are easier to isolate and given the quantity of games, I can more easily relate these events to game outcomes. 4. I enjoy the increased parity and variety of strategies compared to fifteens.

Like many Americans, I didn’t begin playing rugby until college. I played for four years at the University of Michigan, for shorter stints in New Zealand and England, and for a few years in Denver while I worked at USA Rugby. I got involved in coaching whenever injuries took me out of the game or I found myself with a bit of extra time. After finishing my serious playing career, I took up coaching as a profession back at the University of Michigan.

I stepped away from coaching when my wife and I had the first of our two children. We enjoy exploring Michigan’s wonderful lakes and forests with the kids and also our dog, Luci. As a Trenarian, I have strong convictions about and deep obsessions with, many trivial matters. These include salsa ingredients, driving efficiency at four-way stops, and how articles of clothing shouldn’t be thrown away if you can still wear them.